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The Star of Caledonia is a brave and ambitious project that has grown out of place, people and landscape. It has massive community support and international artistic vision. Star of Caledonia brings together arts and science, celebrates the past and looks into the future.

"We aim to create a world-class Scottish Landmark that will signify energy, identity and borders, and present Scotland as a vibrant and creative country."

Working closely with the creative director and the creative team, the project is being developed by The Gretna Landmark Trust, made up of local stakeholders, and managed by Wide Open, South Scotland.

"The Star of Caledonia", originally also known as "The Gretna Landmark project", originated from the communities of Gretna, Gretna Green and local landowner and project champion, Alasdair Houston’s desire to help with the regeneration of their local area through the creation of a landmark artwork. The community had seen the tourism and marketing benefits of the “Angel of the North”.

"The Star of Caledonia” is a landform and sculptural landmark designed by Cecil Balmond and Charles Jencks. Located near to the M74 Motorway and the West Coast main rail line, its grandeur and presence rising out of the landscape will welcome visitors from the South to the heart of Borderlands and and announce arrival to Scotland. The work explores place, environment, energy, cultural and environmental identity, while acting as an example of Scottish’s achievements in engineering, culture and science.Star of Caledonia acts as a flagship landmark for the Borderlands Initiative and for educations initiatives like STEAM (Science, Technology, engineering, Art and Maths). The Star is a cultural connector for other cultural and scientific destinations in the Notes of England and south Scotland.

Gretna is the main gateway to Scotland, situated at Scotland's southern border. Of the 60% of visitors entering Scotland by road, 84% pass by Gretna, Star of Caledonia will situated at this entry point commanding an audience from the 5 million vehicles travelling north and south each year.

Dr Jan Hogarth
Creative Director,

Mob. 07801 232229