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Mar 14, 2019

“A project that will generate profile and recognition for Dumfries and Galloway, Borderlands and Scotland in a way that is unmatched in recent memory. A project that for 365 days a year will be a symbol of energy, innovation, ambition and identity. The Star will inspire young and old, locals and visitors alike. It will generate a sense of ‘pride in place’; its image will be used internationally in media and on line.” Star of Caledonia

An External Assessment of the Star of Caledonia demonstrates the economic impact of the Star for the region and nationally for Scotland in terms of global marketing and sending positive images around the world.

The External Assessment predicts that the media impact of the Star of Caledonia will be £6-10 million pounds within the first 6 months. (This is based on comparative projects such as the Angel of the North in Gateshead, Temenos in Middlesborough and Kelpies at Falkirk.)

The Star will create the equivalent of 17 jobs through its construction with around 10 jobs being within the region. The council are going to work with us to ensure that as much of the construction investment goes back into the local economy as possible.

Based on visitor numbers of 70,000 we would get an annual regional income of £302,000. Again this is a modest estimate as the Angel of the North attracts 400,000 visitors and Charles Jencks "Northumberlandia" attracts 200,000 visitors.

The community are strongly in support of the Star of Caledonia as demonstrated by no public objections during the planning process. People see the benefits of the project to the areas community and businesses for raising its profile and bringing in extra visitors and giving them a reason to stay longer. They have written in support of the project to our local council.