"Star of Caledonia is a collaborative design between Charles Jencks and Cecil Balmond who worked with an interdisciplinary design team which including a mathematician.

The structures design emerged from electromagnetic energy lines being traced on the surface of a sphere with trigonometric equations informed the aesthetics of the Star’s emerging design.

Inspired by James Clerk Maxwell’s analogies between the speeds of travel of electromagnetic waves and of light, Balmond and Jencks create three dimensional waveforms moving over the landscape and emerge as the Star. The movement of the energy is emphasized by the sharp lines created by triangular tapered steel.

Star of Caledonia captures the powerful energy, scientific heritage and magnetic pull of Scotland, the design pays homage to Scottish innovation and particularly James Clerk Maxwell, the pre-eminent Scottish physicist and mathematician. It was Maxwell who first said that light was energy and paved the way for Einstein and other great thinkers of the modern world.

Star of Caledonia aims to start construction during 2015 during UNESCO International Year of Light thereby celebrating the past scientific work of our great physicist James Clerk Maxwell and looking into the future to exciting advances in light science."

It was eminent physicist, James Clerk Maxwell who first said that “light was energy”, Jencks and Cecil Balmond have responded through their own practice and this dynamic forward looking design reflecting the exciting developments in light technology and science which will be celebrated during UNESCO’s International Year of Light in 2015.


The design for Star of Caledonia has evolved and grown through the collaboration between Charles Jencks and Cecil Balmond who both worked very closely with the Gretna Landmark Trust to evolve a design that has grow out of place. Star of Caledonia celebrates the links between the arts and sciences and the magic of the creative mind.

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