"As an opportunity for a country to herald its border, this is remarkable. The star is a timeless work, which for 365 days a year will be a bold and confident statement of Scotland's innovation and energy. Please join us in our vision and play you part in making it happen"
Alasdair Houston chair of the Gretna Landmark Trust

The Gretna Landmark Trust needs a total of £4.8 million to turn Star of Caledonia into a reality and discussions are underway with a range of statutory funders, trusts and philanthropic individuals to invite their support. The Gretna Landmark Trust has secured a commitment of £1million subject to other funding being successfully secured.

The “Star of Caledonia” project will deliver a landmark for Scotland , so any investment in the project will not only help with the regeneration of the Dumfries and Galloway area but will also promote Scotland internationally.

The “Angel of the North” paid for itself within a month in terms of global marketing, so any investment in the “Star of Caledonia” would bring similar benefits to Scotland currently the prediction is that Star of Caledonia will bring in 6-10 million pounds worth of international media coverage in the first 6 months.

The Star places Gretna as the entry point to Dumfries and Galloway and invites visitors to engage in the region for business and tourism. It also raises the profile of the Gretna, Lockerbie and Annan area as a great place to live and work.

The improved image, and strong national identity, which the region will gain as a result of the “Star of Caledonia” will help attract new businesses and investment into the area as well as promoting Scotland internationally.

We are confident that every investor will not only play a proud part in the delivery of this spectacular landmark and art destination celebrating innovation in arts and science across the globe at this important historic meeting place.

Star of Caledonia aims to start construction during 2015 during UNESCO International Year of Light thereby celebrating the past scientific work of our great physicist James Clerk Maxwell and looking into the future to advances in light science in medicine, energy, information and communications, fiber-optics, astronomy, architecture, archaeology, entertainment and culture.

Dr Jan Hogarth
Creative Director,

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