"This is a regeneration project of national and international importance that with your help we have the opportunity to deliver for this region. A project that will generate profile and recognition for Dumfries and Galloway and South Scotland in a way that is unmatched in recent memory."
Chair of The Landmark Trust

"Star of Caledonia is a unique and ambitious project that will result in a range of economic and social benefits for Dumfries and Galloway as well as for Scotland
BOP consulting.

Star of Caledonia has grown out of people, place and landscape and invokes a real sense of pride as well as creating a new landmark for Scotland that will bring significant economic benefits.

Economic impact
Construction: £2m one off injection into Scottish economy. Equivalent to 17 (one year jobs). Up to 50% procured from region.

Operation: £302,000 p.a net economic gain for D&G (equivalent to 5.24 continuous jobs)

Media impact: £6-10m worth of international coverage in first six months of operation

Contribution to wider tourism impact: £4m net economic impact (equivalent to 70 continuous jobs in D&G.

Infrastructure Development and Place is recognised in the Government’s Economic Strategy as central to harnessing the strength and quality of Scotland’s cities, towns and rural areas. The wellspring of ideas behind the Star provides a working example of this asset based approach, building on regional strengths and community led to develop a sustainable future and a sense of place.

Market and image creation
Over 5 million vehicles travel north and south each year, yielding a potential audience of 10 million people who will be able to view ‘the Star of Caledonia’. Of the 60% of visitors entering Scotland by road, 84% pass by Gretna. The image of the Star will promote the area and the region around the world through the media.

The Star of Caledonia will attract people to the region and promote the Gretna Annan Lockerbie area to businesses to locate and invest.

Star of Caledonia supports the region’s brand ambition to be International Home for Environmental Art and acts as a signpost to the region sending people over to the west to the Dark Skies Park and the other cultural and nature tourism attractions.

Star of Caledonia is the perfect destination flagship for the Borderlands. The Star sits in an important strategic location on the Border at Gretna and has the power to flagship other important cultural, science and landscape destinations in Northern England and Southern Scotland.

Comparative projects demonstrate the potential economic impact of the Star of Caledonia. The Angel of the North paid for itself within one month in terms of globally marketing the North of England. Star of Caledonia

Visitor attraction
The ‘First Impressions’ report published by the Scottish Executive suggests “The border should be physically marked, and existing low key welcome to Scotland signs should be upgraded to make them bolder and more noticeable. A new physical gateway or large-scale public art should be used to symbolise arrival in Scotland.” Scotland’s Visitor Strategy aims to be Europe’s most sustainable tourist destination whilst increasing visitor numbers by 50% by 2015. This is a strategic fit with both the Dumfries and Galloway visitor offer and the place of the Star as a beacon for tourism, the country, and celebration of the natural environment.

“A border offers identity but one that is enriched by neighbours, so that it’s not so much a line of separation as a local set of interconnected values.”
Cecil Balmond

The Star of Caledonia supports an image of a dynamic, innovative, outward-looking region that is capable of attracting and offering both investment and talent. More than five million vehicles travel north and south each year, yielding a potential audience of ten million people who experience the England-Scotland Border Crossing.

The Star of Caledonia is an important flagship project for the Gretna area and has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for the development of Gretna-Lockerbie-Annan as a national gateway to Scotland. The designs have been likened to the stars and highlights the Dumfries and Galloway Region’s Dark Skies Park status.

“The star is magical and looks like the galaxy”
Feedback from a pupil of a Gretna School during community consultation.

The presence of a world-class statement Scottish Landmark will signal a meaningful exploration of identity and borders, and will promote Scotland as a vibrant and creative country rich in ideas, cultural heritage and natural resources.

Though there were many different arguments made for this work, it was often that of economic impact, using successful examples such as ‘The Angel of the North’, which convinced Dumfries and Galloway Council, Creative Scotland, Scottish Enterprise Dumfries and Galloway and the Nuclear Decommissioning Fund to invest in the design stage of the project.